an AMS replacement

1. Can the Herbolyte products be used with Liberty?

Yes, we’ve been using Herbolyte with Liberty for several years and it does a better job than ams based products in providing weed control while being gentler on the crop. Use at least 20 gallons of water per acre as Liberty requires good coverage.

2. Can the Herbolyte products be used with Flexstar GT?

Yes! Herbolyte has been used by a dealer in North Central IA and several growers with great success. It will provide excellent weed control with better crop safety than other water conditioners.

3. With the new RR 2 Xtend soybeans just coming out, can we use the Herbolyte products with that program?

Yes, this program only requires a water conditioner which is what Herbolyte is.

4. How does Herbolyte work?

It lowers the pH and hardness of the water and softens the effect of the herbicide. Since it’s a high energy carbohydrate mixture, the takes in the herbicide rapidly and consequently gives you an aggressive weed control program that is gentle on the crop.

5. What kind of response do you see with the Herbolyte products?

Not only will you see an effective and aggressive weed control program, but you may see a greening up of the crop indicating improved plant health. This in turn may lead to increased yield of around 2-3 with Herbolyte and up to 5 with Herbolyte Plus.

6. What is Herbolyte Plus and why do you need it?

Herbolyte Plus combines Herbolyte with Micronutrient Mix to provide the crop with needed micronutrients. It was created to for glyphosate applications, but can be used with most herbicides. Micronutrient Mix contains individually chelated trace elements so that they are each available.

7. Name a weed that is difficult for glyphosate to control that Herboltyte really aids in?

Dandelions are tough to control with just glyphosate, but when Herbolyte is added to the mix, dandelion can be burned down.